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Discover PB App - Win Big with Exciting Donations! Join now to donate and seize your chance at incredible prizes. Engage in scientific quizzes, support schools, and explore new experiences. Register, participate and win today! Introducing the Paul Barber App by Twinhatch – an innovative platform that offers you the chance to engage in exhilarating quizzes while seizing the opportunity to win incredible prizes.

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Introducing the P.B App, your gateway to thrilling quizzes and exciting prizes. Our user-friendly platform ensures a secure login process. The Home Page showcases the latest quizzes with countdown timers, allowing you to grab them before they disappear. The Tickets Page and Cart Page simplify ticket management, and our Profile Page keeps your information at your fingertips. Dive into a world of entertainment with the P.B App – your key to winning!

Creative design

Experience Fair Play with 'No Arbitration'! In our PB app, science quizzes are as straightforward as they come. We let the app's preset values determine the winner, ensuring a level playing field for all. If there's a

App features

Science Quiz Challenges

Engage in exciting science quizzes with a single question to win amazing prizes

Equal Prizes for Ties

If there are multiple winners, the prize is equally divided among them - no disputes, just shared victories.

Easy Participation

Participate with ease; our quizzes feature science-related questions that test your knowledge and curiosity.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Access the app from your device whenever and wherever you want to challenge your science knowledge.

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Welcome to the PB App – Your Gateway to Exciting Contests! Our sleek and user-friendly interface offers a seamless experience. Explore the Home Page for the latest tickets, effortlessly manage your selections in the Cart, and view your purchase history on the Tickets Page. Access your profile, update personal details, and learn how it all works with just a few taps. Join us today and embark on a thrilling journey of knowledge and prizes

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