Order Summary & Checkout

Welcome to the PB App Order Summary & Checkout Page, the final step in your journey to participating in exciting donations and standing a chance to win amazing prizes. Here's how it works:

1. Order Summary:

In the Order Summary section, you'll find a clear and concise overview of your selected donations.

Review the donations you've chosen to support schools and test your knowledge.

Verify the details, including the donation name, potential winning amount, and where the donation will be made.

Double-check the number of tickets you've added to your cart for each donation

2. Total Amount Payable:

Below your order summary, you'll see the total amount payable for your chosen donations.

We are committed to providing affordable opportunities, and the maximum cost for any donation will not exceed 50 Indian Rupees (INR).

3. Payment Method Selection:

Tap "Select your payment method" to proceed to the payment page securely.

We offer convenient payment options to ensure a seamless experience.

4. Donation Page:

After successfully completing your payment, your active donations will appear on the Donations Page.

You can revisit the same donation details as on the Home Page, including information on how to win the prize.

Your contribution is helping us support schools and promote scientific knowledge.

5. Profile Page:

Don't forget to access your Profile Page to manage your account details.

Update your personal information, including name, email, contact number, nationality, and date of birth.

Save and manage credit or debit cards for convenient future payments.

Change your app password if needed, ensuring the security of your account.

6. Notifications:

Stay informed and engaged with the notification bell icon on the Profile Page.

Receive updates about new donations, important announcements, and quiz questions related to upcoming events.

As you complete your order on this page, remember that your participation is contributing to a noble cause – supporting schools and spreading scientific temper across the country.

Thank you for being a part of the PB App community and for your commitment to knowledge and education. If you have any questions or need assistance during the checkout process, feel free to reach out to us. Get ready to make a difference and potentially win fantastic prizes – start your journey today!